The Canada Study Group meets on a monthly basis during the OPS year.  The group serves as an informal forum for OPS members and guests to share information and learn more about various aspects of philately associated with the stamps and postal history of Canada and British North America.  Typically meetings start with a short show and tell session to provide members with an opportunity to pass items around the group with a brief explanation, followed by a question and answer segment to allow members to seek specific advice.  The bulk of the subsequent meeting is then taken up with a facilitated discussion on a specific topic led by a group member.



2018-2019 Season Program


 OPS Canada Study Group Program for 2018 - 2019






Deleloping SG Program for 18/19

20 Sep 18



Large Queen Paper Types


1 Nov 18


Geoff Browning


The Artifact Series


6 Dec 18


Francis O'Grady


The Postage Stamps of Nova Scotia


10 Jan 19

Tom Meyerhof

Love in the Mail

14 Feb 19

Chris White


The Joint Issues of Canada


4 Apr 19

Denis Ducharme

Patriotic Postcards and Envelopes

2 May 19

John Tooth