The Ottawa Philatelic Society offers an initiative called the "Stamp
Professor". Basically, this is a table which is set up 2 or 3 meetings a
month and staffed by one or two volunteers who will answer basic and/or
more advanced questions related to stamps and philately in general. The
main focus of the “Stamp Professor” is to provide a forum for newer
members and “beginners to the stamp collecting world” to ask
questions and undertake discussions in a non-judgemental forum.

     It is expected that most questions will be related to stamp
identification, using stamp catalogues, watermarks, perforations and
mounting options or basically most things that experienced collectors
already take for granted. Note: The “Stamp Professor” does not
provide authentication or evaluations of either individual stamps or

     The "Stamp Professor” normally operates from around 6:15 PM to 6:45 PM on most club nights (volunteers being available), but does not operate
on Auction Nights or via Zoom meetings. Also, its activities do not overlap with the more formal activities scheduled for Club nights, such as Study Group meetings (which normally start around 7 PM).