OPS Library Committee Meeting Notes

Thursday, November 21, 2019


1) The Terms of Reference of the Committee were reviewed and slightly amended.

2) Judy Lipsey will now be looking after and updating regularly the current library Excel spreadsheet.

3) Thanks go to Dave Madeley for his work to put the database files and entries together over the past year.

4) To provide immediate access to the library information for members, Chris White, OPS’s Web Master, will create alphabetical lists by author, title, topic and country, and will place this information on the Library page of the website. Chris will also create PDFs of the four files should you want to download

5) In the long term, we have begun to look at possible library or library-like databases to manage the Library’s cataloguing and access to information system. Caroline, Judy and John are addressing that

6) John will revise the information on the Library page of the OPS website

7) Caroline is going to create a list of suggested items to be removed from the Library. This list will be shared with members to determine yes or no. The items to be discarded will either be given or sold to members. Remaining books will be offered to Chris Green Stamps second floor Library.

8) The Library has been named in honour of long time member and supporter Dick Logan. You can donate funds for the Library to the OPS through our Treasurer Hank van der Linde.