MiniEx 2020

List of Exhibits



John Tooth,  HRH Princess Elizabeth 4 cent 1948 Canada Royal Wedding First Day Covers: Uncacheted and Cacheted Envelopes Abound


Hugh Schooley, Monarch Butterflies of the World

Guy Bianchini, Great Britain – Queen Elizabeth Machin Boots Labels

Tim Aston, Stained Glass in Contemporary Society

Juzar Noorbhai, An Apple a Day Keeps the “Pane” Away

John Bryant, American, British and Canadian Flying Boats

Richard Logan, Errors and Oddities on Israel Stamps

Denis Ducharme, Confederation



              Robert Benoit, Modern German Cancels

Ian Smillie, PRAGA 78: The Prague Philatelic Exhibition



                Rick Baxter, Frugal Philately – Philatelic Potpourri


One or Two Frame

Rick Baxter, Quebec Tercentenary – 20 cent “Arrivee de Cartier 1535”

Tom Meyerhoff, Unsuccessful Coil Experience