MINIEX 2017 was held at the RA Centre

on Thursday, February 23, 2017

in the Canada Room.




Here is a list of the exhibitors- there were 12 of them:


Rick Baxter, RA Club, Vancouver Winter Olympics 

Gord Cook, RA Club, Corals

Denis Ducharme, OPS, Commemorating the Penny Black and Rowland Hill 

Richard Logan, OPS, Errors and Oddities in Israel Stamps

Chris Anstead, from out of town - Elphin, The Frontenac Colonization Road: A Postal History

Robert Benoit, OPS, French Colonies and Dependencies

John Bryant, OPS, Canadian Pacific Afloat

Tom Hare, OPS, House of Parliament 12 cent definitive

Jazur Noorbhai, OPS, Varieties are the Spice of Stamp Collecting

Roger Cook, RA Club, Flaw in the British Makin Booklet Stamps

Michael Payne, OPS, Greetings from the Ex


Andy Palochik, OPS, UN Postal Administration at Expo 67.


Exhibit Awards go to:

Grand Prize: Andy Palochik, "UN Postal Administration at Expo 67"

People's Choice:  Chris Anstead, "The Frontenac Colonization Road: A Postal History”

BNA: Tom Hare, "House of Parliament 12 cent Definitive"

Other:  Richard Logan, "Errors and Oddities in Israel Stamps"

Topical: Rick Baxter, "Vancouver Winter Olympics"

Postal History:  Andy Palochik, "UN Postal Administration at Expo 67"

New Exhibitor: not awarded

World: no entries


Provided by Deborah Welch, Exhibit Coordinator


Auction Results

31 Sellers - OPS = 17

382 lots offered for sale

121 or 32% sold

No bidder dominated the sales

Total sales $900.50

MINIEX Commission 135.08

Average selling price $7.44 

Highest price paid $45.00 x 3    

60% of sales were $5.00 or under - same

77% of sales were $10.00 or under - down

OPS Youth Group    1.70      


Provided by Hank van der Linde




Guillaume Vadeboncoeur






Provided through Chris Green Stamps

Canada Post Prizes

Jim Phillips, Stamp Services



Brian Watson, President, RA Stamp Club

John Tooth, President, Ottawa Philatelic Society


Yvan Hardy, President, Amicale des philatelists de l’Outaouais


Miniex Volunteers

Facilities, Equipment and Refreshments

Amy Roberts, Steven Mulvey,  Rick Baxter


Michael Peach and Jill Hare –Judges, and Deborah Welch and Rick Baxter – Exhibit Coordinators


Wayne Perrin, Hank van der Linde, Caroline Phillips, Denis Durcharme,  Helen Gale,  John Noordhof,

Peter Noel, Ian Smillie, Henri Leonard


Tom Toomey and Kari Toomey


Kari Toomey

General Assistants


Michael Powell and Richard Logan


More photos in the Photo section in the members area