International Polar Year 2007

Exhibit by Hank van der Linde


International research of the polar regions.

1882-83 was the first, motivated by Karl Weyprecht, an Austro-Hungarian naval officer:

  • Observers making coordinated geophysical measurements at several locations during the same year:
  • 12 expeditions to the Arctic and 3 to the Antarctic
  • 12 countries participated – Austro-Hungarian Empire, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

The second was in 1932-33 – 50 years:

  • Focused on observations to improve weather forecasting
  • 44 countries participated
  • A world data centre was created – International Meteorological Organization

The International Geophysical Year (IGY) 1957-58 – 75 years

  • Focused on geophysical research
  • Involved over 70 national scientific organizations
  • Canada issued a 5 cent stamp – Scott #376 March 1958

2007-08 the Third International Polar Year:

  • Focused on climate change
  • Canada supported a $150-million research project called the Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study – central pack ice moves away from coastal ice leaving open water
  • Led by Professor David Barber of the University of Manitoba
  • 16 countries involved
  • Canada issued a se-tenant pair of 52 cent stamps – Scott #2204-05
  • Issued February 12, 2007;
  • Full pane consisted of 8 se-tenant pairs in two rows with a “gutter” strip between them – a first!
  • Gutter strip contains the colour bar in the form of a thermometer with the Tillis Russell paper code as a Celsius figure;
  • Maple leaf perforation between the stamps – 2nd time – 2005 Canada/China big cats joint issue;
  • Male King Eider – native to Canada, Alaska and Greenland;
  • Crossota Millsaeare – brilliant-red recently discovered deep-sea subarctic jellyfish – size of the thumb;
  • In addition to English and French languages, Inuktitut was also featured;
  • Also issued as a souvenir sheet. and Wikipedia

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