Rules And Regulations

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World Series of Philately"


General Introduction to Stamp Exhibiting (e-How)


APS Judging Manual


A link to the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RSPC) list of accredited judges can be found here:


List of Accredited Canadian Philatelic Judges (RPSC)

ORAPEX 2010 : Dick Logan and his award-winning Airmail Exhibit
ORAPEX 2010 : Dick Logan and his award-winning Airmail Exhibit

Exhibiting Rules for ORAPEX 2013

Please note that, starting in 2013:

- Exhibitors will initially be allowed a maximum of one multi-frame and one single frame exhibit.

- Exhibitors may request additional frames for exhibits, if there are still unallocated frames by the deadline of March 15.



Standard Rules:


1. Participation is open to all philatelists in the following classes:

a. Court of Honour, Non-Competitive Classes

b. Postal Division - Traditional, Postal History, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Postal Stationery, First Day Covers c. Revenue Division, Display Division, Cinderella Division, Illustrated Mail Division, Thematic Division

d. Youth Class (21 years of age or less)

e. Picture Post Card Class

f. Regional Class (At the discretion of the exhibits committee)

g. One Frame Exhibit Class (no more, no fewer than 16 pages)


2. Each exhibitor, by signing the entry form, indicates his/her willingness to abide by the rules of the exhibition.


3. All competitive entries must be the property of the exhibitor, or a family member resident with the exhibitor, who will so de clare on the entry form.


4. Exhibitors shall enter their exhibit in the proper class. The jury, at its discretion, may transfer an exhibit, if incorrectly entered.


5. An entry may be eligible for multiple awards. In addition to the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) medals, many society and other awards will be available to the jury. RPSC medals will be awarded for one frame exhibits.


6. Exhibit frames are 3 feet x 4 feet and will accommodate 16 standard size 8½” x 11" pages.. The entry frame is $10.00 per frame in all classes except One Frame Class ($20.00), Youth Class ($5.00 per exhibit), and Regional Class ($5.00 per frame). All exhibits must be in protective sleeves. These fees are payable in advance with the entry form. If you are mailing in your exhibit, please include enough postage for exhibit return and indicate how you wish it returned, otherwise it will be returned by express collect.


7. The exhibit committee reserves the right to reject, restrict or limit the number of frames allowed an exhibitor and/or entry.


8. Exhibitors may deliver their exhibits directly to the exhibition hall between 5 pm & 8 pm on Friday May 3, 2013. The exhibition hall is the Curling Rink of the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


9. Although stringent precautions against theft, damage, or other mishaps are taken, no responsibility shall attach to the ORAPEX Organizing Committee, the RA Stamp Club, the RA Centre, the RPSC, their agents, officers, employees, voluntary or paid assistants, or an y other person authorized to perform any tasks in connection with the exhibits. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor since all exhibits are entered and received at the risk of the exhibitor.


10. A panel of judges, accredited by their national philatelic societies, will decide on the allocation of awards. This allocation of awards is at the sole discretion of the judges, and their decision is final.


11. The decision of the ORAPEX Organizing Committee concerning any and all exhibition matters shall be final.


12. Although exhibitors are free to mount their own exhibits, they must first contact the ORAPEX Organizing Committee before doing so.


13. Any exhibit which has won a Grand Award at ORAPEX can only be re-entered in a subsequent show’s Court of Honour or Non- Competitive

Classes, unless it has been extensively revised.


14. The exhibits will be removed in a timely manner once the show closes and the hall emptied at approx imately 4:15 pm on Sunday, May 5. Exhibitors will not be allowed to remove their exhibits prior to the close of the show. All exhibitors must sign out their exhibits at takedown time.