MINIEX is an annual community event designed to showcase and celebrate the activities and work of the members of the stamp clubs in Ottawa/Gatineau and the surrounding area. It includes exhibits, an auction, and a public program. Visitors are welcome




MINIEX is organized and administered by a joint committee of the RA Stamp Club, the APO Stamp Club and the Ottawa Philatelic Society and with participation of local dealers and the local collecting community.



MiniEx 2020 opens at 6:00 pm on February 6, at the RA Centre.


Our guest speaker is Archivist James Bone from Library and Archives Canada who will describe philatelic collections at Canada's National Library.


The MINIEX Exhibits competition is especially designed to encourage collectors who wish to develop and display exhibits. MINIEX especially welcomes first time exhibitors and encourages exhibits that consist of philatelic material that is easily affordable by all.
Members of all clubs in the region are invited to enter their exhibits at MiniEx.


1.    Exhibits for MINIEX must be offered for the first time outside the

       member’s home club.

2.    Exhibits can be one (1) frame (maximum) with 1 to 16 pages.

3.    Exhibits will be accepted in the following categories:

       a.    BNA (which includes Canada)

       b.    World

       c.    Postal History

       d.    Topical (any topic, any form of presentation)

       e.    Small Exhibit (one or two pages only)

       f.    Other (Display, Post Cards, etc.)

4.    Each exhibit will be assessed by a panel of judges and given a

       grade: Platinum (95-100 points), Gold (85-94), Silver (70-84),

       Bronze (1-69). The assessment by the judges will be based on the

       following guidelines and percentages:

       a.    Does the exhibit set a goal and successfully reach it, that is,

              does it do what it sets out to do, for example, tell a story

             ,explore an argument or thesis, or analyze an issue: 40%.

       b.    Overall presentation: 30%.

       c.    Condition and quality of the material (regardless of “value”): 10%.
d.    Scope of the material (philatelic elements): 10%
e.    Personal research, philatelic and related knowledge: 10%.
5.    In each category the exhibit earning the highest number of points will be awarded a prize.  Other awards to be given are: a Grand Prize for the exhibit with the highest total of points; a New Exhibitor award; and, a People’s Choice award for the most popular exhibit to be determined by an attendee ballot vote.
6.    Exhibitors should:
a.    Familiarize themselves with these guidelines                             
b.    Assist with the judging by filling the MINIEX Exhibit form which should be e-mailed to the MINIEX Exhibits Coordinator by January 30, 2020.  Email to:
c.    Exhibitors can bring their exhibits to the Exhibits area from 4:00 to 5:30 pm on the day of MINIEX, February 6, 2020.
7.    Time permitting, the judges will discuss the merits of any exhibit with the exhibitor.  This will be especially valuable for those who wish to take exhibits to a higher level but is available to all.

Electronic Fillable MiniEx Exhibit Form
Download, fill in and print
See exhibit rules, above
MiniEx form 2019 E and F.docx
Microsoft Word Document 16.2 KB


The MINIEX Auction


The Auction, which is organized by the OPS and run by volunteers from the OPS,  and the RA Stamp Club, is a popular feature of MINIEX. A member of any club in the region may offer up to fifteen lots in the MINIEX Auction. All sales will be subject to a seller’s 15% fee. Lots must be registered, assigned lot numbers, and be available for display not later than 7 p.m. Maximum 20 lots per member.  The MINIEX lot sheet and the regulations covering the Auction are appended.


MiniEx Lot Sheet
MINIEX Lot Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 88.8 KB
MiniEx Lot Sheet word document
Miniex lot sheet 2017.docx
Microsoft Word Document 28.2 KB


The MINIEX Auction - Rules and Regulations


- A member of any club in the region may enter lots in the MINIEX  Auction.


- Members wishing to enter items in the auction must register, giving their name, phone number, email address, and club, information that is required to ensure that all lots remain connected to their correct owners. Registration of lots will begin at 6.00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m.


- All items entered should have a MINIEX  lotting sheet securely attached to it. Click on the link above to download the MINIEX lotting sheet. Do not use the OPS lotting sheet!!!


- A member may enter up to 20 items [i.e.: 20 lots] in the auction.


- Members will be assigned their lot numbers when they register.


- Up to 400 lots may be entered in the auction, and when the registrar has assigned 400 lot numbers no additional lots will be accepted.


- If there are not 400 lots by 7:00 p.m., members who have already entered 20 lots may enter an additional number of lots. Therefore when members register their initial 20 lots, they must inform the registrar if they have additional lots they wish to enter. If there are not 400 lots by 7:00 pm, the registrar will call members with additional lots back to assign additional numbers. This will be done in the order that the initial lots were registered; i.e.: first come, first served.


- Members filling in the lot sheets should identify the year of the catalogue they used to value their item; for example: Scott 2018.


- Persons wishing to bid must register when they arrive and pick up their bidder’s number.


- Viewing at the auction begins at 7:00 p.m.


- Persons who wish to bid must write their bids in the spaces provided on the lot sheet using the bidding increments at the bottom of the MINIEX lot sheet.


- A lot will be sold to the highest bid on the lot sheet.


- Bidding will close at 8.00 p.m. sharp.


- Successful bidders will be able to pick up and pay for their purchases once the evening’s program is completed. MINIEX Auction will retain 15% of the sale price of each lot sold.


-Sales receipts and unsold lots will be available for pickup after the payments from successful bidders is completed.


- The Auction is administered by the Ottawa Philatelic Society. Rulings and decisions of the MINIEX Auction Administrator appointed by the OPS are final.