A mini-documentary about Stamp collecting

Chris Green Stamps and Ottawa Philatelic Society

It all started with an Email request from  Elizabeth (Lily) Haines :

"My television journalism group and myself would like to interview (on camera) you or one of your colleagues at the Ottawa Philatelic Society for an upcoming mini-documentary on stamp collection in Ottawa. We would be happy to accommodate your schedule for the interview and we would be glad to meet you at your house with all of our camera equipment. 

We have a few light-hearted questions about the history of the Ottawa Philatelic Society, stamp collectors in Ottawa, what makes stamps special, etc,"



The credit for this mini-documentary goes to:

 Lily Haines, Christine Ackerley and  Spencer Perry

of the Television Journalism Group from Carleton University.


Note : The 3 students received an A for this project!  Well deserved!!! Congratulations !!!